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Car Rental Honda Brio

Cheap car from Honda has been registered to the government by the name of Honda Brio Satya, as predicted a few days ago that almost all automotive manufacturers to produce cheaper cars (LCGC) in the near future. Some electronic media colleagues say that Honda Prospect Motor has registered 5 variants namely Brio Satya government to: * Brio Satya DD1 1.2 E AT * Satya DD1 Brio 1.2 S AT * Brio Satya DD1 1.2 E MT * Satya DD1 1.2 Brio S MT * Brio Satya DD1 1.2 A MT Highest variance is at Brio Satya DD1 1.2 E AT variant honda brio while the lowest is 1.2 A DD1 MT, Brio engine itself unlike Satya Honda Brio Non LCGC (which is found today) where the latter wearing Satya Honda Brio cylinder engine with 1200 cc. 1200 cc Honda Brio is expected to have the same engine performance with brio in neighboring countries (thailand) which use engine 1.2-liter SOHC 4-cylinder, capable of producing power 90 hp and 110 Nm of torque, as compared brio current has a power 100 hp . If true Brio Satya has a 90 hp this car must be reliable given the rival Agya and Ayla will only have power 65 hp (very different), the energy equivalent of 90 hp power antelope extra grand or avanza 1200 cc (quite right), with light weight will give you a pretty good car pull. From the exterior reportedly unchanged from the current honda brio, but consider the targeted market segment with Brio platform Satya LCGC likely will reduce the interior features. Such as air conditioning, power windows, power steering, brake system, Audio system and safety is likely to be an adjustment. As LCGC car (car cheap energy) Satya Honda Brio is given tax breaks by the government, but also have to meet certain conditions, including: 1. using local content to 80 percent 2. have a minimum fuel consumption 1:20 or 1 liter of fuel can travel 20 km or more 3. Most large cylinder capacity 1200 cc As consumers we certainly hope Honda Brio satya though must meet all three requirements listed above will still be able to provide a good quality. We also provide other types of services such as car rental: Toyota New Avanza, Daihatsu New-Xenia, Toyota Kijang Innova, Daihatsu Luxio, Daihatsu Gran Max, KIA Travello, Suzuki APV Arena, KIA Picanto, Isuzu Elf, Honda Jazz, Honda Brio, Honda City, Toyota Vios, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Vellfire (V), Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Camry (V), Camry Hybrid, BMW 320i, Jaguar, Mercy C200, Mercy C240, Mercy E260, Mercy E280, Mercy S500 Contact ServicePenjaringan Asri PS IE,No.8-9, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60232, Indonesia Telp. +62-31-70330661 Pin BB: 277 976 05, +62812 52 666 966, +62317 0330 7447, +6285 6450 50605Website: www.okkarent.com E-mail: info@okkarent.com